September 22nd, 2009

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Stability -

Ah, like that, rich text is back.   Go figure.

In reading an article about the Lost Coast in CA by Christine Delsol, I was surprised to learn of the fluctuation of the mountains there.

Head for the trailhead at Black Sands Beach. "Trail" is a misnomer; your path is the glittering black sand that will do its best to swallow your feet. This is the only level trail in the King Range.

With three tectonic plates colliding just offshore, these mountains grow as fast as the Himalayas do, rising as much as 13 feet every 1,000 years. A 1992 earthquake thrust King Peak 3 feet higher in mere seconds. Scouring winds, 30-foot storm waves and more than 100 inches of winter rain keep these peaks from reaching Himalayan heights.

I think it is for each of us to find and feel stability within, knowing that just like that, a peak may emerge in seconds, a valley may open its doors.  It is for us to navigate the ins and outs.  

Today is hug a tree day in Santa Monica and fall begins as we dip inside to savor and nourish on wafers of winter light.

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War and Peace -

I'm thoroughly enjoying Tolstoy's War and Peace. It puts the ludicrousness of these times into some perspective. We aren't going backwards. We've never been particularly astute. It is only in hindsight that we pattern blunders and luck.

Lately I've been more clearly recognizing how financially dependent this country is on war. We make weapons. That is what we do. That is what we sell. How can we cut the production of weapons when the economy is already floundering and so, we stay militarily in other countries though it makes no logical sense.

This is an excellent article I urge you to read: