October 6th, 2009

alan - lilies in the shade

Good Morning!

Last night I attended an event at Grace Cathedral. It was a fundraiser for Grandmothers Counsel the World, an organization for peace.  The cathedral was overflowing and yet all flowed with ease, and gentle, graceful, grateful peace.  We acknowledged we were on sacred Ohlone land and enjoyed sacred and ceremonial  music, drums, chanting, flutes, and inspirational speakers.  I woke with my heart alight with peace.

A friend had bypass surgery last week and is now home and will have his first shower and hair wash today.  I thought of how often I rush through brushing my teeth and washing my hair, thinking of my schedule for the day, instead of the joy of hot running water and fragrant suds of soap.  Today I will brush and cleanse, mindful and aware of how peacefully and curiously I can perform my own morning rites.

My main computer died Saturday morning so I'm using my lap-top which is a different experience and yet also delightful.  I'm in adjustment as my eyes relax to welcome a smaller screen. 

Today is my son Chris's birthday.  I think back to 32 years ago, give thanks for thirty two years of joy with Chris and thirty five and counting with Jeff.  Happy Day for us All!