October 7th, 2009

goldsworthy - pebble circle

Reflecting -

We are heading into the city this morning and will spend three days in SF exploring and socializing.

Each time I leave I feel a little tug holding me home even as the excitement of something new leads me out.

I am also with this subject of peace, with the recognition that peace is active and alive, not passive and accepting.  The word courage comes from couer, heart.   The heart pumps and peace requires a constant pumping, a circulation of the blood of connection.  I continue to massage my brain with softness, bathe there, even as I read the news and consider how each interaction, thought, and word has an affect.  
What do I want to create for myself and others?   What matters to me now and now and now?   Where does my heart most strum?   I look out on autumn sunshine, see leaves still green and others yellow and golden and ready to fall.   Each autumn I see myself as the leaf attached, the leaf let go, and the leaf melting into the ground.

Mindfulness Ho!

goldsworthy - before the mirror

San Francisco -

We enjoyed walking around the city today.  Steve took me inside one of the buildings he is working on, so I donned hard hat and protective goggles and trundled mindfully about.  I am in awe of how a building goes together, of how a store creates a space so we will shop.  Last time I saw this spot I looked into a hole.  Now, the store will open in time for Thanksgiving complete with a glass elevator.  I also went into the vault, empty in the moment, but what an eerie space.  I would not want to be a jewel, locked up at night.

Thumbs up for Plant Construction.  

I also learned how hard it is to make an entry door handicapped accessible in SF with its streets that slope.  There are people whose skill is mixing and slanting sidewalks to accommodate the slope.    I enjoy noticing construction details that are usually missed and yet which make our lives easier.  I suppose if we noticed them it would be because we tripped.

I am overlooking some of my favorite places, MOMA and Yerba Buena and the bay and we are next to the new Jewish Museum which I look forward to visiting tomorrow.  SF is quite the place.  
It is fun to be a tourist in one's home town.