October 17th, 2009

book lovers

Books -

It is probably obvious that I love books. The walls of my home are lined with books and they are propped up everywhere. I could be a library or book store. I learned a few years ago that about 5% of the books sold support the rest. 95% of the books make no money, but the book industry carries on because of the best-sellers. Now, Wal-mart is threatening that and threatening the book industry. How scary is that?

I have never been in a Wal-mart, so can't say I'll stop supporting them, but I think we need to make it clear that a book that is slaved over and printed on paper and marketed needs to cost a reasonable price. What bothers me most is that it seems this is driven by Palin's book. Pricing it under $10.00 might mean someone buys it just to see what it is, and that puts it on the best-seller list and so then it appears to be successful. If a book is given away below the cost of production, does it then deserve to be called a best-seller?

I would like to see the authors, the good ones, like Stephen King, John Grisham, and Barbara Kingsolver say that they will not allow their books to be sold below a certain price. It is up to them to band together and set a standard that allows the book industry to continue and each of us to have access to a vast array and variety of books.


alan - morning glory center

Priorities -

What do we care about in this country? One might think schools would be a first priority, along with health care. I spoke with a friend this morning who attended a conference this week on health care reform. It seems the dilution continues and we are the laughing stock of the rest of the world because we are fifty years behind other developed countries in providing health care for our citizens. The insurance companies are winning. It only works if we all participate and share the costs.

We seem to continue to forget it is the people that make a country, not the corporations.

Many of us remember attending baseball games as a family.

Did you know that Yankee Stadium has a built-in heating system beneath the field? It is important. It saves the grass, so actually is a cost-saver and it is good for the players too.

Here is a comment on the stadiums in which our sports heroes now play.


Utah Natural Bridges - a starry night sk

Elders -

In Nepal, the female elders often sit spinning prayer wheels and chanting.  As I continue to read about the native peoples of the West, I see that the female elders, there, too, believe in offering chants to the earth and air, seem to invite or perhaps integrate the spirit world.  My generation is huge.  What is our contribution now?   How do we lead and advise? 

I read in the New Yorker this week that children's books today are leading children away from the guidance of their parents.  We are living in shifting times and yet, don't we need our elders anchoring the earth with some of their wisdom earned over the years?

Where do we each put our thoughts now, our intention?  Is it that we can't imagine what comes next?

Perhaps, even in confusion and overwhelm, we need to put down roots and maybe we are the trees, or perhaps it is the trees that watch over us.  Imagine being a Bristlecone Pine watching from 10,000 feet above sea level for 4000 years.   Where would you reach down to touch and lay your seeds?   How do you plant?