November 2nd, 2009

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Evening Inspiration -

A good friend just called after returning from a four day conference in Chicago. She presented her work in Essential Motion and participated in other offerings. One woman spoke about her work with empowering women through movement and other methods in Israel. Everyone was in awe when she finished speaking, and asked what they could do to help. She said, "We need money." Like that, $11,000 was raised from among about 250 people.

Check this out:

This comes from the website about who they are and what they do. You might want to send a check too. Peace, one person, at a time.

It is time for each of us to journey to our center to answer the question of who we serve. Time is short. Our planet is failing. Our only choice is to find our voices and live from a place of integrity, love, and fierce compassion.
---Sylvia Shaindel Senensky, Healing and Empowering the Feminine

Beyond Words (BW) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the empowerment of women, the healing of emotional wounds and traumas and the undermining of prejudice as a path towards building peace in Israel.

To accomplish this goal we run workshops, trainings and courses for Arab and Jewish women, educators, professionals and leaders using an innovative multi-disciplinary educational model. The model includes interventions on the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels.

Our groups consist of Arab and Jewish women who meet on a regular basis and experience the BW unique intervention together. This experience provides an opportunity for the participants to see that beyond all the differences in culture, tradition and religion - there is so much more that they share as women, mothers, and wives. Once they become aware of their similarities and learn to understand and respect their differences they can work together to create a change. In a society where the struggles between Arabs and Jews have lasted for so many years, there is an incredible potency when women from the two sides of the conflict are able to work together rebuilding trust and promoting reconciliation and peace.

We believe that a critical mass of empowered women is necessary to “tip the balance” in favor of social reform and a peaceful resolution to the Middle East conflict. During the last 13 years our work has been focused towards being a part of achieving this goal. So far over 700 teachers, students, parents and leaders have participated in our programs. Together they touch the lives of thousands of children, women and men every year.