November 3rd, 2009

Alan - yellow hibiscus

Do - Be - Do - Be -

I was discussing with a friend today this balance on being and doing.  It seems like a constant dance that is meant to result in integration, so both happen or exist, or we exist in them, at the same time.

She mentioned Frank Sinatra singing Strangers in the Night - "doobie, doobie, doo."  I had never heard it that way before.  Do - Be -  Do - Be - Do -

She also mentioned the book, Social Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman, and his words:

"We are wired to connect." 

"Mirror neurons .... operate like neural wi-fi."

We spoke of children growing up and the letting go involved, and yet, each moment is a breathing in and a letting go,   We are so carefully tuned to build a nest for air to rest and then, we gently, with the softest kiss,  send it on its way.  Each moment we are buoyed in the passage of air we share.