November 21st, 2009

Alexander Calder's Kitchen!

Peace -

I am enchanted with this weekend, this settling into Thanks and Giving.

Marc posted on Facebook about a man who asked for money saying his mother had been killed and he needed to get to NJ to identify the body, and so, of course, Marc gave, and then, what do you know,
it is a new week and the same story.

The same day, Jon Carroll posted his yearly column on the Untied Way.

We give for how it makes us feel, and perhaps there is something about honoring the creativity of the story, perhaps we, also, pay for that, even if the story is one told many times a day, but it is also told in that moment, just for us. Perhaps the honoring, the gift is in the reception of the story, the listening.

A friend of mine was in Montenegro recently, teaching. She spoke of how connected she felt with her translator, because he listened and interpreted. I wonder if we listen as carefully to our friends as we would if we were then to turn around and interpret their words to another.

What I'm seeing in the responses to Marc's post is generosity. People are giving.

I just finished reading the book, Daughter of Fire, by Irina Tweedie. I have seen quotes by her over the years, but didn't know her journey to wisdom. This book is "A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master".

If you are interested, here is a fascinating article by her that compares Jung's work on individuation to a spiritual process, an opening, or leading to the Infinite.

I love the following quote by Kabir. Each of us may have our own interpretation of "Thee," but I think honoring each movement and breath, feeling the movement within and without, and honoring the pause and thresholds is quite a lovely way to be.


“Every position, every movement of the body is an act of offering to Thee.”