November 25th, 2009

Alexander Calder's Kitchen!

Thanksgiving -

Pies are in the oven and lists made to ensure an easy dining flow. Family gathers here.

I asked each person to bring a word or poem or something to express gratitude.

Jan emailed me: "I'm not really a wordy person but I'm good at hugs!" Well, now, what better gift is there than that, so our day will center around hugs, not words.

I went to Zach's school today for their Thanksgiving celebration. Zach loves Maglev trains. My son Chris loved them, too, and made a model of one for a science project, so I am contemplating going downstairs to see if it might still be stored down in the clutter of the basement. We have done some clean-outs over the years and it may be gone or maybe it is resting there.

What amazed me was Zach's enthusiasm for transport without wheels. He showed me how high off the ground the Maglev train goes. It was great to see him again. His move to the city has been beneficial for them all and his mother looks great. Those of you who have been with me awhile know that Zach's mother went through a bone marrow transplant. The report is that all leukemia is gone and she is working on a novel!! Hooray!

I add that news to my gratitude list. Hugs to all!!