December 13th, 2009


Obama Nobel Peace Prize Speech -

I am awake in the night, accompanied by two cats, a lit candle and the sound of rain.

I feel ready to read Obama's speech. I immerse, brought to its truth and honesty.

I am reading two books right now, Tolstoy's War and Peace and Peter Godwin's, When a Crocodile Eats the Sun, a book that addresses the tragedy in Zimbabwe.

I think for many of us born and raised in America it is difficult for us to understand such brutality. Perhaps it is difficult for everyone.

What I do see though in this personal exploration I've taken to understand war and peace is that until I learn to control or at least understand my own temper and its ebb and flow, I cannot judge what happens on a larger scale.

Years ago I read two books that have stayed with me, Watership Down by Richard Adams and The War Diaries of Jean-Paul Sartre.

I think of them both when I think of what it might mean to have peace. We don't know what it is for each soldier in a war. We don't know their individual experience, the pride they may feel, the comradeship. We don't know what we ask of each of them. Each of them has an experience that is unique.

We do know of the tragedy and the suicides that are resulting from these wars of these last few years. I believe that we have a president with a conscience. I also believe until I find peace within myself, I cannot ask it of my nation or of this world.

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The 13 Grandmothers!

Recently I watched a movie on the Thirteen Grandmothers, 13 Indigenous women, who have come together for world peace. It is titled "For the Next 7 Generations," and is worth looking for. These women are inspiring and courageous, were destined to come together. I realize when I watch them that peace is not passivity. Peace is active, is action, is reaching for what we want to see on this planet now.

Check them out:

Alan - pansy -

War and Peace -

I had been away from the news for a few days because I was sick. I then came back with Obama's speech and then, read some of the columnists. Both Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd have important things to say, and I feel my heart start to patter a little faster in discomfort and agitation. Again, how do I balance in myself this thing I am trying to understand as peace?