January 25th, 2010

alan - morning glory center



Sometimes when my brain gets crazy, I get in the car and go to an art museum.   I feel the fresh air swirl as my brain opens dimensionally again.  Sometimes it may just take one or two paintings.  Other times I visit whatever special exhibit is going on.  I am blessed to live very close to the Legion of Honor, the De Young, SFMOMA and the Asian Art Museum.  All are first class.

Here is Jon Carroll's column on art: &nbsphttp://www.sfgate.com/columnists/carroll/

And here is something to massage your brain.

goldsworthy - snake

The Glass is More than Half-Full!!


Much of California is semi-arid.  People move here and want to create New England, so put up New England style homes and plant grass.  It doesn't go with the landscape and there is not enough water to support it.  People want sunshine every day and green lawns. I saw grassy lawns in Bakersfield.  That was considered desert when I was young.

This rant comes because we are in El Nino in CA which means rain.  I rejoice in the rain. I want to enjoy it but the headlines each day scream that we are still recovering from three years of drought and that our reservoirs are not full and the end is near.   It is January. We have two to three more months for rain. It would be a disaster if our reservoirs were full right now, so why can't we have a relaxing front page headline.  Next to the photo of the house falling off the cliff is the lament that we don't have enough water, and yes, CA is overbuilt, and yes, this is not a land for grass, and yet, we have golf courses.  We can't let those go, of course.  All I want is a day where the first headline I see is one of joy.

I received a notice last week from PG&E informing me that if I lowered my heat to 68 degrees, I would receive a 20% discount on my bill. LOWER MY HEAT TO 68 DEGREES.  Who could afford to have their heat at 68 degrees? I'm still back in the gas crisis of the 70's.  Remember that, the one that made it clear we should conserve and find alternative sources.  (Maybe you are too young to remember that, but I used my lunch hour to sit in line to get gas for my car.)  I haven't had my heat near 68 since then.  It is the same with water.  A running faucet is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.  Do chalkboards still exist?

Anyway, I have a point and the point is this.  I can't imagine what it is to receive a bonus of $40 million dollars.  I can't imagine feeling I had done something so extraordinary that I deserved said bonus, but I think the problem is this feeling of lack, of not enough.  If our reservoirs were overflowing right now, the lament would be that we need to dig more reservoirs.  Where is the place of satisfaction, of enough?