February 6th, 2010

alan - joshua tree bloom

Communion -


I'm going to give another plug for the Winter Feast of the Soul.  The meditations are marvelous.


I am reading a book, Thinking like a Mountain, Towards a Council of All Beings.   It has different meditations.  One is honoring the water, earth, air, and fire of which we're made.  Another asks us to remember our evolutionary beginnings and to remember the evolution of organic life.  Remember back to our first cell awakening in the womb, to all the stages we have been through, fish, reptile, mammal.  Speak of what you, a human, can be now.

Imagine; envision; create.

This is an article on a cafe asking people to turn off their electronic equipment for a day and talk to each other. May your day be rich with communication and communion with yourself and others.  It is Saturday.  

Where I am, soft rain taps the earth, the earth without, the earth within. Response, is full.