March 18th, 2010

Alan - pansy -

Checking in -

"Benevolence is the characteristic element of humanity."

- Confucius

Benevolence - such a way to start the day.   Will and Duffy are here.  We have recognized we need a French drain, so they are putting one in under the house.  Remember the trees we had to cut this year.  Well they were sucking up water and spraying it into the air.  Without them, we have a wet basement, which is drying and will be wet no more.

Meanwhile it is quite a project and getting down there to work requires some dexterity as one balances and hops down some tippy, tipsy steps, so Will and Duffy will build new steps and the whole thing is turning into a win-win.  Of course, we have no idea yet of the cost as Will is of the old school and works happily away and then one day figures up the hours and presents a bill.   Nothing is signed.  He works on trust.  He grew up in the neighborhood.  Perhaps that helps.

I, meanwhile, am thrilled with all this dirt exposed to the light.  It's been dwelling under the house and now is lit by sunshine.  Meanwhile, the plants and weeds, plants growing where they are not particularly wanted, are growing literally overnight.   Chlorophyll is knitting leaves of green.  We are wrapped in color and warm clothes are slowly packed away.  Spring is here.  Sap rises within.