April 5th, 2010

alan - lilies in the shade

Gathering -


Our family gathered this weekend,  here.  The time feels more and more precious to each of us as we steep in believing it is 2010 and integrate what that means to each of us.  

Jeff stood happily in line on Saturday five hours to get a new iPad so, at my request, it, too, arrived with him and his wife.  It is quite a marvel.  I am impressed.   Of course, the marketing is also impressive.  Standing in line was fun.  As you walk out of the store with your new technical achievement, you are congratulated.

I was impressed with the book part.  The titles appear on what look like book shelves.  Jeff had downloaded Winnie the Pooh with color pictures and the Bible and the Iliad and like that.  I went for War and Peace and Pride and Prejudice.  A push of the button and they are there, as are 30,000 other free possibilities.  If you want one of the new translations of War and Peace, you pay.   

My other son will go on a Vision Quest the week after this.  The preparation is intense.  He will drive to and from New Mexico.  They camp together for three days before they go off alone for four days, no food, just water, and the preparation for the fast begins even now, though not yesterday.  Who can resist chocolate bunnies and eggs?

They are told to prepare family and friends.  He will return changed.  The two of us  will have a final meeting Wednesday afternoon and evening before he goes.  I feel myself preparing too.  The whole tribe sent the person off on their Vision Quest.  I know I am part of this,  as he goes to find his individual contribution to make here.   When one person changes, especially one we are close to, we change.  What will he release, learn, discover?  Each person I know who has undertaken a vision quest has found it to be profound.  I feel stirred each time someone I know goes and returns.  What now do I learn?

I am with all this, this morning, feeling my vision changed just by the contemplation of his quest, his questioning, his knowing there is something more with which he wants to connect to guide him now.  

I feel inside, feed there, nourish on my own inner heart star.   

Ah, the glimpse of blue sky was short.  The black clouds return and more rain is predicted to cleanse and nourish today.  Hooray!

I love that the letting go of winter is long this year, the transition gentle for those of us who nourish on fire and candlelight.

alan - three poppies

Working for change -


My brother watched the movie, Food, Inc. this weekend and is shocked at what Monsanto is doing to control the seeds our farmers use.  I've known what Monsanto is doing, both here and in other countries, for years, and yet what have I done about it?  I haven't done anything.  

This morning I opened the Best of the Web 2009, to The Joe Holt Integration Story by Heather Killelea McEntarfer in Terrain.org.  I opened, but you can click:


I think we forget, well those of us who are white perhaps forget, how much went into the integration that lead to the president we have today.  I know there are only so many battles we can fight.  We want to elect the "right people" and be done with it and sometimes that works and sometimes it seems we have to risk something too.

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