April 22nd, 2010

deep sea turtle

Attentiveness -

This is the first, the wildest and the wisest thing I know: that the soul exists and is built entirely out of attentiveness.

- Mary Oliver

This week two parents in Antioch returned home at 11:30 PM and each thought the other took the seven month old into the house and put her into the crib but neither did.  They also have a two year old.   At noon the next day the father woke and went to the gym.  At 2 PM, the mother realized the child was not in the crib and called the gym.  The child was strapped in the car and was dead.   The excuse here appears to be that the parents were tired, that they work hard, but who, who has ever raised children slept til noon or two.  Children make their presence known.  They cry, need food, a diaper change.  Those who've raised children also know the ominous sound of too quiet, too good.  You check them then, too, because you wonder what could be so entertaining.  I don't leave the house without knowing where my cats are let alone children.   Why wasn't the two year old demanding attention?  There are many problems facing the country right now, but when a seven month old dies because two adults who have not been drinking or taking drugs, seem unaware of the whereabouts of their child, it seems this lack of attention and attentiveness and inability to focus may be the most serious problem of all.  These people are driving.  How are their souls forming when their minds have no awareness of what some might consider the most important thing of all?

ayer's rock -

Earth Day -


It is Earth Day.  There have been so many reminders I thought it already happened many times, but, this is the day.   There is a fragrance to it, it seems to me, an honoring of the earth on which we live, and the earth within.  We, too, are made of elements that seem to have come together in a satisfactory flow.   It seems a day to do something special for the earth and for ourselves and know they are the same.  Do we want to harm the earth?  Would we want to harm ourselves?  What is significant to each of us this day and what do we want to nourish and bring forth?  May it be so!