April 26th, 2010


The Barnes Foundation

Joan posted this morning about the Barnes Foundation.  She enticed me to check out the Barnes Foundation in Merion where art and location integrate as one. 

Henri Matisse wrote:

"It has a splendour that one can't imagine unless one sees it -- because both the whole ceiling and its arched vaults come alive through radiation and the main effect continues right down to the floor...I am profoundly tired but very pleased. When I saw the canvas put in place, it was detached from me and became part of the building…“

Henri Matisse from a letter to his son, Pierre Matisse, April 24, 1933 on the installation of La Danse at The Barnes Foundation. (Jack Flam, Matisse: La Danse)

You can check it out and be inspired to contribute and one day visit at:


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