April 30th, 2010

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Fragility -


My brother came home from the hospital today.  He will rest and heal  better at home.  

When I heard the news of the pulmonary embolism, my adrenalin kicked in.  What can I do?  I was in emergency mode.  Now, I can relax, perhaps, yes, of course, and my world is still shaken.  One of my anchors was in danger.    How do I stabilize now?

Jenner land trust

from Writer's Almanac -


What do we each observe and record as we look, with full attention at what surrounds us?

On this day, April 30, in 1852,  Henry David Thoreau wrote in his journal, recording his observations of the woods and fields around Concord, Massachusetts. 

"Down the Boston road and across to Turnpike, etc., etc. The elms are now generally in blossom and Cheney's elm still also. The last has leaf-buds which show the white. Now, before any leaves have appeared, their blossoms clothe the trees with a rich, warm brown color, which serves partially for foliage to the street-walker, and makes the tree more obvious. ... It is a beautiful day, — a mild air, — and all farmers and gardeners out and at work. Now is the time to set trees and consider what things you will plant in your garden. Yesterday I observed many fields newly plowed, the yellow soil looking very warm and dry in the sun; and one boy had fixed his handkerchief on a stick and elevated it on the yoke, where it flapped or streamed and rippled gaily in the wind, as he drove his oxen dragging a harrow over the plowed field. [...] Dodging behind a swell of land to avoid the men who were plowing, I saw unexpectedly (when I looked to see if we were concealed by the field) the blue mountains' line in the west (the whole intermediate earth and towns being concealed), this greenish field for a foreground sloping upward a few rods, and then those grand mountains seen over it in the background, so blue, —seashore, earth-shore, — and, warm as it is, covered with snow which reflected the sun. Then when I turned, I saw in the cast, just over the woods, the modest, pale, cloud-like moon, two-thirds full, looking spirit-like on these daylight scenes. Such a sight excites me.
The earth is worthy to inhabit."

And I add, "The earth is worthy to protect."