July 7th, 2010


Gathering -


I was walking along the bike path today when a mature woman rode past me on a huge tricycle.  On the back of the trike was a sign, "I'm already against the next war."   The seniors are active in this area and stand each Friday in front of the Redwoods with their signs for peace.  

More and more when I am out, I am approached for money.   It is clear the money is needed.  I am used to the request in the city but it is close to home these days.  I don't know how anyone can not be aware that we are in this together and a great many people are in need of help.

I'm reading another incredible book, A Branch from the Lightning Tree, Ecstatic Myth and the Grace in Wildness by Martin Shaw.  It becomes more and more clear to me that we of a "certain age" need to mobilize and speak.  The book looks at myths and modernizes them.  We are meant to embody all those creatures, the witches, kings, queens, and make a place for each.  This is the final paragraph of one chapter of the book.

"To step beyond the Red King and the Witch is the moment when Want becomes Longing - the want of immortality opens into the longing for relationship and intimacy.  We must gather our inner Kingdom - our one-eyed hags, our bright heroes, our drowned magicians, sleeping Queen, our depressed artists, our accountants, our ecstatics - and prepare a feast. Not for peace or any simplistic notion, but to get all the troublemakers under one roof.  If we peer at them for a moment or two they start to look like a family. And that one there, serving the drinks, dressed in white, first on the dance floor?  That's Death.  Death in service to Life."

May it be so!!

Happy Celebratory Day and honoring of "Death in service to Life"!!
alan - joshua tree bloom

Myth -


I must share a little more from Martin Shaw's A Branch from the Lightning Tree:

“To be story carriers, we need to listen as well as we speak, and to pull from the air all the humming threads of story carried through the centuries and beyond. Each story is a small hole that pulls a thread of the timeless into the present, and when eternity is witnessed so is possibility and imagination. As we tussle with climate-change, at-risk youth, and all manners of love and crisis, each conversation needs to be pricked with little shards of light from the Otherworld.

Our story is the story of the land, both held in the deep dreaming of the cosmos. When we carry longing with us, we hold one eye to the invisible, the sacred, the great mystery. There is a World Soul that carries the endless tapestry of the myth world and our world singing back and forth to each other like lovers. The secret is to peer into that magic, offer libation, stay curious and laugh often.”

On the fear that longing is dangerous, isn’t it time to feel dangerous again?

Machado says,

The Wind left. And I wept. And I said to myself: “What have you done with the garden that was entrusted to you?”

It is for each of us to nourish our garden. Martin Shaw concludes:

“The Old Gods are watching. Give them a good show.”