July 30th, 2010

alan - lilies in the shade

Home again -


We've been away this week, went up to Reno to visit friends who recently purchased a house there and have made it a home.  I had no idea of the beauty in Reno and was enchanted with watching the sun, moon, and hills and then there was the drive home, which reminded me why we tend to homebody.   Friday traffic is no picnic and it is lovely to go away so one can return.  

The people are so friendly when one gets out of the Bay area, and that is a treat.  At one point we stopped so I could sit on a rock in the Truckee River and a woman came over to chat.  I learned that nearby one could buy a house that would have sold for over $800,000 not too long ago for $200,000.   The prices where our friends are living have also dropped which may be one reason they decided to purchase.  Of course it is lovely and a great place to retire.  The question, or concern perhaps, is how much further prices might drop.  The foreclosures continue.

This will brighten your face.   Watch all the way through.  It is pure delight.