August 16th, 2010

sea otter

Learning from the sea -

I return slowly back to the news and involvement here and perhaps a wider world.

I am sad to read that the California sea otter is even more endangered.  It is especially hard to read after watching dolphins, seals, and sea lions this week.  I didn't see any otters though I wasn't entangled in areas with kelp.

And we have so much to learn:
laurel and hardy

Bumper Stickers!

This is an intriguing article on the bumper sticker. I didn't realize they've been around since the Model A Ford in 1927. I have noticed that cars with a multitude of bumper stickers, even those about peace and spreading loving-kindness, can sometimes be the ones that cut me off.   I want to shout, "Read your own message," and so it is.  Driving gets us places and entertains along the way.