October 30th, 2010

alan's marigolds

Autumn gold -


Smoke rises from a chimney across the way.  We've enjoyed enough rain that indoor fires begin.   There are rising wisps of fog lifting their arms like ghosts.  It is the weekend of Halloween.   The veils between the living and the dead are thin.   It is a time to reflect and everything is green and vibrant from the rain and flowers still bloom.   Perfect!

My book group met last night at a home with a great devotion to the Giants.  They have an altar set up with a vase of yellow-gold flowers, a Giant's glove holding a foul ball that my friend caught at one of the games, a Giant's hat, a model of the Giant's Stadium, though it doesn't have McCovey Cove dotted with kayaks, and a prominently displayed ticket to the first game of the World Series here in SF.   

It seems everyone in the Bay area is watching the games, including me.   I  now know that the TV signal comes in 20 seconds after the radio, so if you are watching the game on TV and someone is up to bat, some of your neighbors may be out in the street celebrating a great hit.   That means that the son of said family above has set up a complicated system so that the radio commentary goes through the TV.   Twenty seconds can be very important in times like these.

I have now voted after making my way through a ballot that seems unnecessarily complicated.  My phone rings almost constantly with computer calls telling me how to vote.  Maybe that is why we are caught up in watching a game begun in .... When did it begin?   Ah, thank you Wikipedia.

hot air balloon

The Airport -

Tonight I read A Week at the Airport by Alain De Botton.   Alain was invited to spend a week in Heathrow airport and write in his astute and  luxurious way about the experience.   This book is for anyone who has spent time in airports.  He is able to pull in and give us a look at individuals as well as observe the miraculousness of the experience to which we each bring our own humanness.  We can't escape even on a plane.

Fascinating and a very quick read and comment on our times.