November 5th, 2010

deep sea turtle

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Most of us were raised to believe that patience is a virtue.  

I think it is important to remember as we rush to have the latest technology and connect with as many people as possible in a day, that some things take time.  People used to live by the seasons and we still mark them with holidays.  This is the time of harvest, of falling leaves, and yet, even there, the nub is already forming for a new leaf.  The baby spends nine months in the womb.  For each of us there is a season and we are heading into what I find a nurturing, renewing, retreat time of year and yet my life seems busier than ever.  Things are popping up around here and I am thrust into involvement and connection, in a positive and powerful way. I sit in the balance as I consider how important I think it is for each of us to pause and look at what we've done in the last two years.
alan - lilies in the shade

Landscape -

Landscape is essential; we are influenced by our surroundings.   Though some think we idolize people who live in touch with and connection with the land, something will be lost if we have no people left who know how to survive on the land.   How can we think these people are not in harmony with the animals with which they share the land?

I have read science fiction books where people have become so dependent on computers they can't do basic math in their heads.  We experience that now when the few of us who still use cash try and get change from someone when the cash register is down.  

I used to be a nature guide on Ring Mountain, a Nature Conservancy preserve, where the Coastal Miwok lived.  We would go through the land with a shopping list, find soaproot for soap, acorns for food, show how quail can be caught in special baskets, point out the abundance of food in the bay and show photos of how tule can be used to build boats.

The children were astonished. I was astonished at how it used to be. 

I think it is essential to encourage a variety of ways to live, to honor our need for the land, especially for those people who are raised to understand.

We are learning that we need diversity in our seed stock. We can't be dependent on a few strains. Aren't we, too, seeds? 

ashes and snow - wings



I'm heading over and down to San Ramon for a Toastmasters Conference.  I'm excited about it and decided today to spend the night so I can participate fully in the events this evening and tomorrow.  I'll take my computer and maybe even have time to check in.  :)

To communication skills and connection!