January 26th, 2011


Circulation -

I took a trip to Rodeo Beach today, drove along the coast on the way there and came back through the tunnel.   The tide was out so I could walk further south than sometimes and stretch my stroll to weave among the rocks.  I remembered when I came to this beach with my son after surgery. This trip felt very different from that day.   More and more I appreciate the sacredness of these days that  reflect the autumn of my life, the coloring and letting go of leaves from trees.

I saw three small transparent jellyfish shining on the beach.  The surf was "up" and a few surfers were in the water but most were looking at the waves and talking about being in the water.  Maybe their mirror neurons were activated.  

I spoke with Gill, my refrigerator repairman.  My "defuser baffle" isn't working so the cold air from the freezer isn't circulating to the refrigerator.  I have tossed the curdled milk.  Since he can't get the new baffle until tomorrow, he said I can prop the baffle open with a toothpick or chopstick and if I hold up a small mirror inside the frig, I can see where to do this.  Okay, so now to find a mirror.  I start searching through drawers and don't find a mirror but I do come across a treasure, 
 The Booklover's Birthday Book, purchased years ago and filled by me with quotes I love.  

I don't know the author so can't give credit but I love this:

To write and to create is to focus on your center. Centered, your life does not frenetically pop, but slowly you change into the elements and live in two realms.

It works for me.  Today I was fire in rocks, water in sand, salt in sea, and space opened by the wind aired joy, comfort, and sparkles of peace.