March 11th, 2011

alan - lilies in the shade

Change -

 We happened to be up late enough last night to learn about the devastating earthquake in Japan and the tsunami and the warnings for Hawaii and the entire West coast.  I thought of those who live near the beach, in particular my good friend Joan, who I just spoke with.  She is already on the road and heading inland.

We realized depending how it hits, we also need to be paying attention so are up early, watching the news, and looking around at what we might take if we are warned to leave.  

It was difficult to sleep after listening to how the reverberations from an earthquake like this circle around the globe.  We are all affected, certainly by our common humanity but also literally by the waves moving through the earth.  And, of course, depending on the size of the waves, we, who live along the coast and near the bay,  may be impacted more deeply.  

We've had warnings before and they've dissipated.  May this be the same.  It has been fascinating to listen to what we know about predicting a tsunami at this point, and about the buoys in the ocean, and I continue to wonder how anyone can think we don't need taxes and governments to put these warning systems in place.    It is a day to unite the world.  Once again, we are reminded we share one boat.
Alan - pansy -

Instinct -


Even though I know we are not in danger, that the waves won't reach us, I find myself in a heightened state of awareness.  I pick up the house, make everything ship-shape which might seem the opposite of what one might do, but I realize I think there is an innate sense in us to leave where we've been in a cleansed state.  I think of humans living in caves.   They might have picked up before they moved on for many reasons.  One they would have needed to take their belongings with them, but I think we may also not want to announce that we were here.  How differently we live today where skyscrapers proclaim, "Yes, we are here."

We've been discussing minimalism here.  How much or how little do we need?   Certainly many right now may be with the clothes on their back and others will reach to help, but ultimately what we "need" may be very little.   

The sun is shining.  Our kitties are calm.  It is an exquisite day.