March 30th, 2011

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Our local supervisor Charles McGlashan died this weekend of a heart attack.  He was 49.   He had been skiing.   McGlashan was an environmentalist and a visionary.   I was at a meeting where he spoke and was surprised at the viciousness of some of the verbal attacks. This meeting was in my local "improvement center" and consisted of neighbors united in beliefs, though not in implementation.

McGlashan was encouraging a transition to a European vision of bicycles and walking for transportation for our area.    People thought it sounded good in theory but they love their cars.

McGlashan's friends and family say he was a sensitive man and took criticism literally to heart.

There are many issues before us these days but I think a return to civility is high on the list.   Caring, sensitive people hesitate to enter politics because of attacks on their families and attacks on themselves.  Words hurt.  

My head is bowed today to those who try to get things done and who, if they aren't able to separate themselves from the task, may lose their life more quickly than anyone desires.