March 31st, 2011

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Qigong -

 A few months ago I encountered Qigong through a workshop I took with Master Chen on "The Tao and the Sacred Feminine".  I continued with his work through a DVD and meditation CD.   This weekend I spent studying with Daisy Lee.   She did a demonstration by choosing one man from the group who had no experience of Qigong.  She asked him to center and she tested his strength.  She then asked him to think negative thoughts and the next test showed him weak.   She then tested all of us.  We, too, were weak.   She then asked him to think positive thoughts.   She tested him, and he was strong, and each of us now tested strong.

It was a tangible demonstration to me of the power of my thoughts, of the importance of me noticing and honoring what I transmit to myself and others.

As I read about Qigong, I worry that it will lose its spiritual dimension, as yoga has in many places in this country, where it becomes about exercise rather than claiming one's own flexibility, and in that strength.

I just read a book, The Crocodile and the Crane, by Arthur Rosenfeld.  It is fiction and entertaining and introduces Qigong in a way that shows in parable form how we may save and augment our world.  I recommend the book, a class, DVD's, whatever you think might bring you into your own strength.

It is suggested that if you tap your thymus, tap there at the sternum for a moment, just that will make a shift.  The thymus should be the size of a fist but shrinks as we age.  Tap; drink water, and feel the nine points of connection on your foot. Root into the earth like a tree.  Feel the five toes, the two balls of your foot, the side of the foot, and the heel, and then, lift up as though you are connected to a star above.   Again this connection with verticality is a simple way to feel a shift, to feel grounded, to feel support, to uplift.

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Jane and I will  be reading in Gualala this Saturday at the Four-Eyed Frog Bookstore.  That has me going through notes and uncovering favorite quotes.  Here is one by Charlotte Selver I love.

Can you feel the air which goes through you? Can you feel how it comes into you and how it goes out of you? Could you become sensitive to your muscles and skin and all tissues for the air which goes through you and leaves you? Are your tissues awake enough to let the air through and receive what is needed and let out what needs to go out? Can more and more of you be open for this wonderful process? We call it breathing.