April 5th, 2011

alan - three poppies


Yesterday I stopped as four fawns ran out in front of my car.  The woman coming the other way beeped at them, which startled them all the more and they were darting this way and that.   She didn't stop though, somehow thinking that the beep of her horn would move them out of the way  and so she nearly hit and killed one.  It felt like a miracle to me that the fawn was all right and I sat there wondering where she was going.  What was so important that she couldn't stop and wait until the fawns figured out the road was not the place to be?

When I drove up to Sea Ranch, traffic on both sides stopped for a wayward puppy.   I think we all stood the importance of the break and appreciated the pause that brought us closer together in understanding we are not alone in our metal cases but connected with fragile, living bonds.

I have the flu and feel pretty lousy which also gives me a chance to be present with what is.  Food is unappealing.  Energy is minimal and so I how do I pick and choose my way through this day?  In this moment, I look out the window and beckon the healing power of the sun and connection in all its forms.