April 9th, 2011

alan - three poppies

making sense

I've been rolling in and out of an ability to absorb the news this week.   I continue to be astonished and move in and then have to retreat.  I watched Bill Maher last night, and he had three strong panelists who really would like to see this country succeed and not be perceived as a laughing stock, an immoral one, around the world.  Who, after all, doesn't take care of their people?  Isn't that what civilization is about?

Here is Gail Collins on what Donald Trump has to say about her.  You can also read his unstable ramble.   Last night I learned that Donald Trump is rising to popularity on the made-up issue of where Barack Obama was born, even though there is absolute proof he was born in Hawaii.

The panel blamed the ignorance of people in the U.S. on Fox "news".  I wonder how we counteract a barrage of ignorance, manipulation, and lies.  Can we?

book lovers

"One Hundred Names for Love"

I recommend Diane Ackerman's latest book, One Hundred Names for Love.

I love all of her books but this one is especially poignant and inspiring.  Her husband had a stroke and she writes of his movement from immobility and an inability to speak more than "mem" to a man who can swim and go back to writing books.

They shared a rich linguistic legacy and she uses that to bring him back, but it shows, absolutely proves, what can be done when we exercise and stimulate the mind.

They played a game of mental solitaire for two before the stroke.  Here is a way to begin.

What can you do with a pencil other than write?

Read the book to get their list and be inspired by your own.