May 22nd, 2011

alexander calder


 I am still carried on the beauty and breath of these days and am enraptured that it is still somewhat light and it's after eight.

I can't help but feel sorry for those who thought they were going to "lifted up" yesterday.  It seems they thought there was something better than what is here.   

I am re-reading a lovely little book called A Monastery Within: Tales from the Buddhist Path by Gil Fronsdal.

From the chapter titled The Miracle:

    The rumor spread around the country that the monastery was a place of miracles. One day a university professor and religious skeptic stormed into the monastery demanding to see something miraculous.

   "Your next breath," said the Abbess, "is a miracle."

    The professor became speechless.

There is a man in Toastmasters who is the cheerleader and leader for us all.  He has been in Intensive Care since Thursday night.   It had become increasingly serious and prayers and visualizations were requested.  I just got the news that there is an improvement and a feeding tube can now be inserted.  He is kept unconscious because of the breathing apparatus but a feeding tube means he can begin to build strength.   It is another reminder to not take one meeting, to not take one greeting and parting for granted, not one.