July 21st, 2011

alan - joshua tree bloom


I am reading Time Was Soft There by Jeremy Mercer, who lived, for a time,  at the Shakespeare & Co. book store in Paris.  George, the owner, believed in Communism, not in a Fascist way, and opened his store, his books, his life, to those who were exploring in a multitude of ways.  Requirement to stay there - read a book a day, and do a small amount of work, and some did and some did not, and perhaps, all had an intention to create.  Often, that intention devolved into parties with beer.

My son has been working on a film.  He wrote it and is producing it.  I spoke with him last night and there are enough problems to require a re-evaluation of the project.  I don't know what he'll decide, but I find myself with these words this morning: 

One of the things I like best about Buddhism is that there are no answers. There is no handbook that says, in case of this, do that. You just have to sit still with each experience. One time it might feel right to do something, another time it might not.
- Cheri Huber

This is the official Shakespeare and Company song.  Enjoy!

If you ever come to Paris
On a cold and rainy night
And find the Shakespeare store
It can be a welcome sight

Because it has a motto
Something friendly and wise
Be kind to strangers
Lest they're angels in disguise