July 30th, 2011

free ride


I've been here and will return in the morning:


My son is filming here and we have been integrated into the community.  It is thrilling in two ways, one to see my son as a director, directing what he has written, and meeting those he has chosen to help fulfill his vision, and second to be included in a community devoted to sustainability and communal living.  

There is a pond and there is a windmill.  There are chickens, goats, and cows, and there are children and adults.  From what I understand the children are the glue, the motivation.  They are schooled on-site with nature as the focus.

The adults admit it is not always easy, that it is difficult to balance different viewpoints on a variety of key issues.   The land was donated to be a sanctuary, and that must be honored, and yet, people need to make a living and that means clearing some of the landscape and making it usable for crops.  Thus, the goats and pigs.  

The sky is beautiful here, tapped with third growth redwood trees, and trimmed with so many stars at night, it almost seems fake.  There are layers and layers of stars and a milky Milky Way.  I don't tend to be awake in the early morning hours, but if I were, I understand shooting stars would be my reward.  I did dream of one, so perhaps that counts.

What I see is that each of us has choice, perhaps more than we sometimes realize.  This is a community devoted to beauty, peace, and love.  When I arrived, two little girls,one four and one five, were playing in front of a sign that said "You are beautiful."  I thought, "Yes, yes, yes!"