August 2nd, 2011

oregon, willamette, 1 proxy falls


I wake in Boonville, to fog coating the hills and vineyard, and it will clear.

The filming at the farm finished last night.  Now they move to Oakland, and except for the main character Mason, played by Kyle, a different cast.

I am with the orchestration of creating a film, of fulfilling a vision, and the coming together of so many people to do so.  There is a stillness in the action, in the gathering together and the serenity of the place and set, or at least that is what I feel here.  I feel graced to be part of seeing a vision fulfilled.   

If waters are placid, the moon will be mirrored perfectly. If we still ourselves, we can mirror the divine perfectly. But if we engage solely in the frenetic activities of our daily involvements, if we seek to impose our own schemes on the natural order, and if we allow ourselves to become absorbed in self-centered views, the surface of our waters becomes turbulent. Then we cannot be receptive to Tao.

There is no effort that we can make to still ourselves. True stillness comes naturally from moments of solitude where we allow our minds to settle. Just as water seeks its own level, the mind will gravitate toward the holy. Muddy water will become clear if allowed to stand undisturbed, and so too will the mind become clear if it is allowed to be still.

- Deng Ming-Tao from 365 Tao Daily Meditations