November 23rd, 2011

Alexander Calder's Kitchen!

Giving Thanks!

It is Thanksgiving Eve.  People begin to tuck.  Pies are baked.  Food is in.   Here, rain is predicted to start falling any moment.  I've brought in lots of wood.

My dishwasher broke a week or so ago, and I've been enjoying the meditative activity of washing and drying by hand, but yesterday in honor of Thanksgiving, the new dishwasher arrived and was installed.

The man who installed it was so excited to be delivering dishwashers right before Thanksgiving.  He installed three yesterday.   Clearly, he felt like Santa Claus making people's holiday happy and bright.

As an extra, he also installed our new soap dispenser, glad to be of help.

I told my friend Elaine about him and she said this:

I love it when people love their jobs. Have I told you that part of my view of Utopia would be if people were paid in proportion to how well their job fit who they really were - if the job was a way to express their true potential. I think that when it does, creativity springs forth, and when creativity springs forth, it touches something in us.

Hurray for the dishwasher man!

Tomorrow each of us will give thanks for family and friends, for food and shelter, and lets not forget all those who do their jobs with extra care, joy, attention, and love.