April 6th, 2012

gentle waterfall

Good Friday

It is a Holy Time of Year, though even as I type this, I feel the holiness of each moment, each day.  Perhaps it is something about age.  The preciousness of the moments overwhelms me sometimes.

There is an orchestra of bird song this morning, and I woke early, feeling vibrant and alive.  Perhaps for each of us there is a flush of green, a rising of sap, a lifting to the longer days and warmth of the sun.

I gave a speech at Toastmasters on Wednesday and it turned out to be a profound experience for me and others.  TM has a sequence, and in this speech I was supposed to "persuade with power".   I was resistant to both "persuasion" and "power".  Because of the increasing influx of political emails, and arm-wrestling advertising, I felt a recoil in my heart.

I did not want to persuade with power.  I wanted to rest and suggest.  I agonized over the speech and finally decided to title it "Listen to Your Heart." My theme became "In the heart is persuasion we can believe in and trust."  It sounds simple enough, but in speaking and watching people's response, I was deeply touched, so touched I was stunned.

I woke Thursday morning, in a kind of trance, almost unable to move.  My remedy is gardening, so I went to the nursery and bought some impatiens and marigolds,  and planted and pruned and trimmed, and arranged some rocks, and felt once again how the point is to come back to ourselves, to be kind to ourselves, to listen to ourselves.   We know, and when you give people time to listen to their own heart, their own heartbeat, which is what I did during the speech, people come "home", home to love.  I thought I was talking to others, but I was speaking to myself.  I embodied this speech, and as an audience, we embodied together.  I am still touched.

My next speech is meant to be Inspirational.  I'm looking for ideas to share, since I see how clearly i will be changed by what I say.

May this Holiday Weekend bring each of you what you love and need.   Blessings Abound!   Receive!