August 13th, 2012

space - cat's eye nebula

meteor showers

I really wanted to see the meteor showers.  Saturday night was foggy, but last night was a mix of fog and clear sky, so I set myself up with a pillow and blankets outside on the deck ready to see shooting stars.  I never saw any shoot, but I did re-connect with what a joy it is to sleep outside.  We had a period of time where we slept outside for about six months and then, the rains came, and in we came, but I realize I need to honor the joys of sleeping outside.  

I'm reading a book called Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan.  It began as a course at Google, and offers an opportunity for us to participate too.  It's a simple book, a guide to meditation, appreciation, and presence, and yet, it opens something up for me.  I like the lightness with which it is written, the humor and ease.

I am with Lao Zi - "By non-doing, all doing becomes possible."

Also, "Happiness is the default state of mind."  "Happiness is just being."

He suggests resting the mind on the breath.  I find myself thinking of my breath as a cloud, and resting my mind on a cloud as it goes in and out works for me.  Last night and this morning, watching the fog move in and out, it was easy to imagine my mind resting on and in the fog.  Today, the fog has dissipated.  Perhaps my mind is lighter too.

As I've mentioned, the month of August is for me a month to welcome solitude.  I like thinking of myself as Thomas Merton says, "at the root".  

 Is it true to say that one goes into solitude to "Get at the root of existence"? It would be better simply to say that in solitude one is at the root. He who is alone and is conscious of what his solitude means, finds himself simply in the ground of life.

Thomas Merton. Love and Living. (New York: Harcourt) p 22

The ground of life.   Who likes it?  I do.  And I wish a beautiful day and night to you, knowing shooting stars are there, whether we see them, or not.