August 27th, 2012

alan - morning glory center


A Sensory Awareness friend has published a beautiful book called Meditation Art, Openings to Awareness.  She is Etta B. Ehrlich, and started studying with Charlotte Selver in 1957.   She is still studying and is in the workshop I am currently taking with Seymour Carter.

On the cover of her book are these words: "Each time you judge yourself you break your own heart."

Oh, my!    This book is a collection of messages on bottles and is available through  I recommend it.

Today is a big day for me.  As some of you may know or remember, a year ago, my friend Elaine and I started answering three questions each evening.  We each answer and email our answers to each other before we go to bed.   We've been doing this for 365 days.

We began with three questions devised by Spinoza and presented by Angeles Arrien.  

Here is her website:

The first question is:  What inspired me today?

The second is: When did I feel balanced?

The third is:  When did I feel happy?

It is not about another person making us happy, but is about going within and feeling when we felt happy.

Elaine and I came to find those questions weren't enough to fully celebrate our day.  We now have four more questions we answer each night.

4. When did I feel Joy?

5. When was I creative?

6. What am I grateful for?

7. What is my intention for tomorrow?

We've learned that the moments of inspiration are many and surprising and sometimes creativity is just noticing a breath, or listening attentively to another or to ourselves.  This is a way, our way, to "wake up," and so tonight we are both awake, and up, in celebration of 365 days.   Tomorrow, well, actually today, since it is after midnight, we will end the day by answering the questions for Year 2, Day 1.    This, too, is something I recommend, a way to reflect, honor, and record what's going on in our lives.