August 29th, 2012

heart's desire

The turn toward fall

I love this time of year.  The mornings are crisp, the days sunny and with a high about 72.  I am inspired, and always wonder if it has to do with my time of birth.  I was born in October, and figure this was the time I was starting to stir to awareness in the womb, to notice there was a world outside.

I started re-reading The Second Half of Life by Angeles Arrien.   In Sensory Awareness, we work with the inner and outer world, so we often work with eyes closed, and then, open them to integrate what comes up with those in the room.   Last Saturday I expanded out to bring the America's Cup into my immediate awareness. 

I open now to these words of Angeles Arrien.

The Japanese poet Basho said that the greatest riddle, aside from Creation itself, was how to know the world created by the beauty of the integration of our internal and external lives.  The closest he came to describing this mystery is expressed in the following poem, which he wrote in the seventeeth century.

  Between our two lives
  there is also the life of
  the cherry blossom. 

Basho's "life of the cherry blossom" represents the exquisite and haunting beauty of the timeless essence of our own nature, which is found at the threshold between our two lives - the internal and external worlds. Until the two are integrated, the cherry blossom symobilizes the presence of an inherent mystery that we might touch, savor, and honor, but of which we only see fleeting glimpses. In the second half of life we have the opportunity to become and radiate the life of the cherry blossom by returning home to our essential self.


I'm going into the city today to celebrate the coming of autumn and the initial completion of my book.  I know it will need more work once an editor looks at it, but for now, it feels complete.  I'm meeting two friends at the Cliff House for brunch, and a walk on Ocean Beach and an exploration of Sutro Baths.  It is a celebratory day.