September 24th, 2012

Alexander Calder's Kitchen!

News on Ms. Kate!

As soon, as they can get her off the pain medication, Katy can come home.  Her parents are both at home, and can be there in full-support and it is agreed that they can take her to a facility for physical therapy, rather than having her stay there.  We are thrilled.  Also, her mother is an incredible cook.   Home!   Her dog Jasmine is there too.

All agree her rate of healing is miraculous.

This is what her mother posts:  

Thank you again for all your love, support and prayers. It's working :)

And here's her dad:

Fingers crossed but it looks like all the prayers have pulled off a miracle!

Oddly, I sit here and feel tired.  I feel another letting go.  My friend Elaine and I are going to The Tree of Life.  I have questions and requests, and will sit among the roots and wait.  

Relief.  I think now of trees.  Re-leaf.   It is a time to re-leaf.   The nerves heal from the inside out, so she will be able to heal from the inside out at home.   She can still show no emotion with her face, and she can't return smiles, and that is hard for her, obviously, but home is a safe place to heal from the inside out, and my brother says, she still has her spunk.  Yay, Kate!

Ah, breath.  Grace.   Healing.  Peace.   

And a huge note of thanks to Katy's Dr. Holloway, the staff at Danbury Hospital, and all those at Yale.  This was a team effort of love, devotion, dedication, and care.   
goldsworthy - snake

Today -

I was tired this morning but not in the mood to talk about termites so headed out early.  I went to the city, to Crissy Field, Inspiration Point, and the Spire, then, met Elaine.  We viewed her paintings which are magnificent.  She painted the seven sorrows, and now she paints joy.  We sat looking at the painting realizing the petals of the lotus flower were once the swords of sorrow and now they are petals of peace.  Her painting of joy holds sorrow and happiness, as joy does.  In looking at it, we realized that Katy had come through.  She had begun with a picture of her daughter Kara, but somehow it morphed into Katy, so Katy, in this painting, represents Joy.

We walked around the Presidio campus of Industrial Light and Magic, and thought about Katy in front of the fountain of Yoda.  We checked out Darth Vader and R2D2.  Then, we got sandwiches and went to the tree that Elaine calls the Tree of Life.  It is a cypress with wonderful welcoming roots.  There is another tree next to it, three trees you can stand inside. 

If you haven't seen the movie on Andy Goldsworthy, Rivers and Tides, you must.  He makes beautiful natural art.  We walked along his "snake".  

I realized today that knowing Katy was "okay" allowed the grief to come through differently than before.  I had cried, but the feeling of this was different, was deeper.  Each part of this day dug a little hole in the pain.

I was then ready to talk to Will about the termite damage.  Since we have to open our bedroom wall anyway, we will install a sliding glass door and he will build a little patio for it.  In the moment, plants line the side of our house, which is beautiful, but an invitation to damp wood termites.  Once the plants are gone, the problem will be solved, and the wood needs to be replaced, which means a sliding glass door.  The plants are beautiful, a hedge of privets and camellias, and I couldn't imagine just murdering them, but Will has a friend who just bought some wonderful acreage with a small cabin near Grass Valley, and so tomorrow we will try to take the plants out, wrap their roots, and transport them there.

Big breath.  

The snake undulates, and who knows how each turn feels to the scales, but its nourishing to know that even plants find new homes.