November 2nd, 2012

heart's desire

Paul Hawken!

A few years ago I saw Paul Hawken speak at Fort Mason.  It was a huge event, and I wanted some clarification on what he had said.  I emailed him about it, and he sent me his notes for the speech, saying he had spoken somewhat spontaneously, but the notes he was sending me were the notes for the book he was writing.  He asked me to keep them to myself which I did, but I realized how much he lives what he speaks.  Imagine sending someone you don't know, except through an email request, the notes for your forthcoming book.   Now, that is trust.  Paul Hawken inspires.  

My friend Terry sends me this, this morning: 

"I was at a sustainable business conference in San Francisco yesterday.  Paul Hawken was the speaker. He spoke so eloquently. He said we must give up hope because hope conceals fear."

He said, "Give up and GIVE. Reimagine what we do, what it could look like by bringing in people from outside who don't fit in and can be open to the change that is unthinkable. Let go of the quest for possessions and cultivate knowledge of place in the NOW. The future doesn't matter, what matters is what we do in this moment, is what we are doing. If it is helpful, do it." 

She adds: "He is so sincere and I believe he lives his life as he speaks."

I agree.