November 6th, 2012

barack obama


The morning here is exquisite.  The moon was in the sky when I rose, and the morning star.  It's a perfect day to vote, though record-breaking heat is predicted, and then, the cold weather is to move in, and we may break records there too.

My niece in CT gets election day off school.  I like it.  It is such an exciting day to be alive!!   There is energy in the air.  I know that my 85 year old neighbor has already checked in to work the polls.  She is there every year.   

Our one bathroom is almost complete and it is beautiful.  Today we go to look at sliding glass doors for the bedroom.  We still don't know the extent of the termite damage, but when Will opens up the wall, we'll get a sense of it.  He says we'll need to leave for a few days during construction.  Inverness comes to mind as the perfect destination for a retreat.   What he's discovered is that there are no termites under the house.  There are too many spiders.  They eat the termites, but they can't get to those inside the walls.  We are trying to deal with this without poison, so have now removed all the plants that lined the house, and have a French drain.  We're hoping the termites die from lack of water.  As a last resort, we'll call a termite person in.  I understand there is a way to deal with them without poison.  We'll see.  

Yesterday, we got a new shower door.  For those who deal with soap scum, here's a tip from our shower door guy.  Kirkland liquid soap from Cost-Co.  It smells like orange, and has no scum-producing products in it.  It's "natural".   

There is so much corruption in this election that it's easy to feel discouraged, but with an Obama win, sanity in certain areas will prevail.  As a woman, I find it frightening to think of what men like Romney and Ryan might do to take us back to how it used to be.   I sit here now, watching the day awake.  Birds are singing, and the redwood tree which begins as one, and rises as two, stands tall.  We are in this together.  I breathe in, exhale.  You do the same.  The air we share, exchanged.   
barack obama

Voting -

Usually I mail my ballot, but today I took it in.  What a treat!  I wonder if people took off work today to vote.  It was mobbed at 10:15 this morning.  There was a steady stream of cars coming and going, plus bicyclists and walkers.  Both parents brought their children, and there were discussions with their children about the importance of voting.   It all seemed so innocent, as though nothing could go wrong.

It's hard then to come home to reports of machines that won't vote for Obama etc.  There should be a paper trail for voting.  We should be able to see the recording of our vote, and, for now, we wait for the results.  

May the best man win, and I think those who read this are in agreement on who that is.