November 11th, 2012

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Book Passage and Veteran's Day!

Book Passage is one of my favorite places.   It's a great book store with a cafe, and offers wonderful events and speakers.  All the biggies speak at BP, so I was thrilled and delighted to speak there yesterday.  I think is was secretly on my bucket list, and now, it's happened.   I was one speaker of six.  The idea was to take people on a journey with our books.  Our book, Jane's and mine, represents the Inner Journey, the Journey Within.   

It's not easy for me to talk about Breast Strokes.  It happened, and Jane and I wrote a book, and publishing that book was completion, so to go back into that time period is painful for me.  There is no way to separate the book from the experience.  In addition, I have a horrible cold, so I'm pretty tired, but I'm grateful for yesterday and committed to another wonderful event today.  

A few years ago, my friend Lee discussed with me how she might use Sensory Awareness to help others in a more direct way.  She started studying with Charlotte Selver when she was 20, and is, I believe, 60, now, so has forty years of experience.  She decided to use her knowledge and skills to work with vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Here is information on Lee:

This is what she developed to support vets.

I will be attending an event hosted by Greens Restaurant in SF today to support that work.  It is Veteran's Day, a day to honor our vets. I suppose every day should be that day, but at least we have this one.   

As we move into December, we move into a time of considering where we want to donate and share.  It is a time of gratitude and reflection.  What organizations touch our heart?  Lee's work with vets is one that touches mine.  It is an organization you, also, might want to consider as a place to support.  
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Evening -

The event I attended today to help plan how to spread the word on this organization so more vets can participate was phenomenal.

Everyone was touched; everyone cried; some sobbed.  Vets spoke in their own words about how they have been helped, and saved in their work with Lee and Chris. Then, they help and save others.

I never understood in this way what it is like to be a vet, what it is like to return and be "dumped", what it is like to be declared okay when you're not, and what it is to fear suicide day and night.  Today was videotaped, and it will go up on this website sometime soon.  If you are looking for a place to help, this is it.  The work they are doing changes and saves lives.  The men and women who spoke today changed the lives of those of us who were there.  We are all softened, and will all view the word "warrior" and "service" with new heart and eyes.