December 23rd, 2012

alan - winter bird

Christmas Eve Eve!

It's raining and the wind is howling, a perfect day!

I read that one of the little girls who was shot in Newtown was to have played an Angel in the nativity scene at her church. Instead her funeral was that day.  Who could have imagined she wouldn't be playing an Angel, but would truly be one.

A good friend is in Germany. Last night she attended a service at the church where Hildegard's relics and bones are enshrined.  It is in EIlbingen, a tiny village, thus, we know Hildegard of Binden, one of the women I would choose to meet if I had a choice of women in history to meet.  

My friend says the priest and others who spoke at the service spoke about Newtown, and how they wanted the Peace Candle that was lit from a flame from Bethlehem to be lit for them, and those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

We are so connected.  We are so One.  Whatever our beliefs, surely we can come together this time of year to unite for a peaceful and compassionate 2013.