December 31st, 2012

gentle waterfall

New Year's Eve!

Such joy on this day.  I look out on an oak tree, a native oak, and a redwood, that begins as one and rises as two.   The ridge is alight and frost covers the deck.  It is winter, and yet, already there is a tingle within that promises spring.

Yesterday was my Sensory Awareness conference call.  There are twelve of us who gather by phone, though we live around the world.  

When we began, we were invited to feel within.  I was lying on the floor and enjoyed feeling my back flatten into the support of the floor.  Then, we were invited to notice sounds, sounds outside of ourselves.  A seaplane was buzzing about.  Sometimes I struggle with the conflict of living in an area of nature, and yet with a Disneyland feel of tour busses, and on a clear vacation day, sea planes filled with people wanting to see the area from the air.  Of course, I've done that, and my son Chris asked his wife to marry him on a sunset/champagne flight, so I do understand.  Yesterday, in such an inviting place, I could appreciate the seaplane, and its buzz.  I felt expanded out on its flight.  In that, I felt aliveness inside and out, connection.  

I can't "hold on" to that connection, because that would be holding, and nothing new comes in when we hold, but oh, my, I am filled with delight.  We share such a beautiful life.
free ride

Poetry for New Year's Eve!

In the January 2013 Poetry magazine is this poem by Matthew Nienow.  It speaks to me of what we celebrate today.

End Grain

is an opening, is all
we can see

of the long
strands that make

the pathways for
rays, bisecting

annular rings,
the most

vulnerable door
of what makes

the holiest of

  - Matthew Nienow