February 19th, 2013

Bald Eagle


There is a wonderful short story by William Carlos Williams on a child being afraid for the doctor to find out her secret on how sick she is.   You can read it here:


Last weekend I was at the emergency room with my husband, and again, yesterday.  He has the diagnosis, and will be fine, but my daughter-in-law's insistence is what got us there, as she knows Steve is not completely honest about the level of pain he is in.  She is a doctor, and knows how to read her patients.

Steve and I were both raised with "mind over matter".  I do believe in the power of positive thinking, and, as I believe I've said, I was raised with a dose of Christian Science, so, to me, illness means failure, not simply adjustment, or a chance to learn, though I am learning to view it differently.

Ah, pain, perhaps a symptom of something, perhaps a doctor can help, and I know there is a limit to what a doctor can do.  There was an elderly woman next to us, who was brought into the ER in an ambulance.  It was hard not to wonder at what point we let go, and that is for each of us to uncover on our own.  For now, all is well.