April 20th, 2013

Bald Eagle

Solar Impulse

This morning I am sitting outside at Jeff and Jan's serenaded by a chorus of birds.  I read that the solar-powered airplane piloted by Bertrand Piccard is in the air right now over Mountain View.  I think it is too far away for me to see it, but I am lifting my eyes to the sky just in case.

Last night, we spent time with the plane, which is magnificent, enjoyed dinner in a hangar at Moffett Field, and heard Bertrand speak in a most inspirational way about how Switzerland, though a small country, is determined to lead the world to sustainability. This plane is about vision, about carrying a message, rather than passengers.

Sadly, though about 150 people could have attended this event, I think around 50 showed up.  The good news is that some were children, and the purpose was to inspire, and we were all inspired.  I remember when the first George Bush dismissed the idea of vision with the words the "vision thing".  I felt we were doomed, as I believe we have to have a vision.  I sit here this morning, inspired.

I just read and enjoyed Mary Roach's book, Packing for Mars.  We need to reach out, and Solar Impulse is doing just that.  Check out their website and if you sign-up for notices, you can know when the plane is in the air.