May 10th, 2013



Last night I was called to participate in a survey on Rosen Method.  How do we share it, bring it more fully into the world?  I said I just spent three days at a conference on Sensory Awareness.  That was part of the discussion, and yet I said it seems to me that the work, both works, Rosen and Sensory Awareness, both with the root of Elsa Gindler, bring us to a place of "enough", a place of contentment and reception that is so full and difficult to express, that only the greatest poets, painters, and sculptors can capture it, and perhaps even they can't capture the full joy of the wholeness of a moment.

Charlotte Selver wrote very little.  Neither did Marion Rosen.  They were about experiencing, touching, connecting.  I believe I've said here that I came to Sensory Awareness through a poetry workshop at Green Gulch.  Norman Fischer was teaching.  We hadn't melded as a group, so he suggested an experiment.  We stood in a circle with our hands on the shoulders of the person in front of us.  He guided us in touch and reception.  We then went outside to write.  When we returned, we each read, and all that we read, connected.  We had one story.

I am reading the SA bulletins, and am looking for some of the information on-line.  I offer this as introduction: