June 26th, 2013

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What a great day -

I'm sitting in the airport in SF waiting to fly to Chicago.  Our flight is delayed.  What's funny, since I'm on the later one, is that all flights were delayed, but now, the later one is leaving earlier than the early one, so we'll be out of here soon.  I am happy to return to the place of my birth.

I just read the news on the Supreme Court decision.  I am delighted.  It is a day to celebrate the sharing of benefits for those who commit.
Utah Natural Bridges - a starry night sk

Blackhawks -

Okay, I admit it.  Until tonight I had not heard of the Blackhawks, but in the taxi driving in to Chicago from the airport, I saw signs, and now trying to get back into our hotel tonight, we learned that we are the center of the Blackhawks celebration.  Hockey.  Chicago.  Winners of the Stanley Cup.  Who knew that I would need approval to enter the lobby of my hotel because it was a celebratory place with limousines out front, and a gauntlet of fans to navigate through.

I was grateful to be approved to enter and to be directed to an elevator.  Two years ago we were in Vancouver when the Canucks won the second to the last game.  It was quite a celebration, and then, we were gone on a cruise ship the next night when they lost, but tonight is wild with celebrating here in Chicago.  I've been to one hockey game in my life, and now, here I am, in another celebration of hockey.  At least I have the two hour time difference to help so it's 7 my time, and 9 their time.  Will they calm down?  I can look out and see the river with boats going by. Quite a delight.  Ah, I just realized.  It is 9 my time and 11 their time.  I forgot to change my watch.

It has been quite a day.  I loved the flight, looking out the window at all the empty space and then getting closer to Chicago and seeing green.  Our taxi driver from the airport to the city centre was an amazing guy, an Iman.  He spoke to us about Islam.  He gave each of us a Sewak-al-Falah to clean our teeth.  He spoke about ethics.  We enjoyed a wonderful business dinner, and again, the theme was ethics, and now tonight I listen to celebrating.

Do I have a point?  No.  Only that it has been a most amazing day.  I was in SF and now I am here in Chicago listening to music and cheering and joy, and it seems the big celebration is Friday, so I need to plan my day around this:


I'm not sure how again I ended up in a celebration of hockey and the Stanley Cup.  I've been to one hockey game in my life.  It seemed a little wild, but the crowd tonight is having fun and that is great.  I wing on the energy, though now I have to say that we are on the 24th floor of a hotel that has a bar open to the sky on the 27th floor, and I think the world, this world right now is a pulsation of music, dancing, stomping and singing.  If Steve weren't asleep, I would head up, but I think this may be the place to be for me.

I spent time reading Jean Houston's The Wizard of Us on the plane-ride here.  She equates The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy's journey to the quest we all undertake, and when we reach Oz it is more colorful than we could ever imagine.  Well, I certainly feel that tonight.  I am in Oz.