August 4th, 2013


Parabola Magazine

Again, I suggest you pick up an issue of Parabola Magazine.  The Fall issue is on Power, and practically every page is one to turn down and re-visit.  You can get a sense of the issue from this:

Yesterday I participated in a Sensory Awareness workshop.  There were six of us, and we worked with balance.  I was thrilled then to come home and open Parabola to Peter Ralston's words: "Our ability to balance is directly related to our capacity to feel our whole body."

How often do we forget parts of our body, or even that we have a bodyl?  We are busy with thoughts, very important thoughts, with lists, and should do's, and oughts.

Ralston continues: "Knowing the whole, we can locate the center of that whole."

The center.

And, "Our first and main objective is to become aware that we are an object existing within three dimensions."

Yesterday, one woman, an 83 year old, long-time student of Sensory Awareness, asked, "What happened to tomatoes with taste?"  Well, I have some because my son and his wife grow them.  I have amazing tomatoes, but it also got us to thinking about what nourishes a tomato, and what gives it body, substance, and taste, and that, of course, led to what nourishes us.  What gives us body, substance, and taste?

I feel myself as a tomato today, happily nourished on this lovely planet as I gather in 360 degrees around with wonderful juicy roots, and vines that reach up and around and play with air and sky.

Happy summer day to you, and may it be juicy, sweet, nourishing, and tart.