August 5th, 2013

blue jellyfish

Blue Jasmine

When I read that the movie Blue Jasmine was Woody Allen's best film and Cate Blanchett's best acting role, I worried that the expectation was too high, but the movie is excellent.  We attended the 2:45 show because I prefer a theatre not too full, but the theatre was full for this film.   Part of it may have been the reviews, and part of it that it may have been that it was filmed in the Bay area and it was fun to recognize the scenes.   We are sometimes inconvenienced by filming.  When Katy and I were trying to get to the lighthouse last week, we were halted by filming for another Planet of the Apes.  We waited as a caravan of odd vehicles and "apes" passed by.

Blue Jasmine is with me. You may not want to know the story so I won't reveal anything, but it is a story we know, and a story made new, and a story always with us.  It is about delusion, pride, betrayal, and even amidst the pain, and maybe even insanity, love.  What pushes us over the edge?

The fog is in this morning and the deck is wet.  I sit by the window with Bella on my lap. She is a warm, vibrant, nosy pillow.  I feel my feet on the ground, my seat in the chair, and my head open as a flower, scented.  Pink jasmine is blooming, lovely delicate flowers of scent when the sun hits them and draws that scent out.  Right now, all is still, at rest, no energy of the pull of that stronger light.

It is a time to ask: How does a person get lost?

How is it if we can't bring them back?

Is it to accept that we can't "save" everyone and maybe we don't even know what that means.  Perhaps it is once again to honor tolerance and pass those we see thinking of trees.

There is a Mary Oliver poem, "Do the Trees Speak".

It ends with these three lines:

If you can hear the trees in their easy hours
of course you can also hear them, later,
     crying out at the sawmill.
Alexander Calder's Kitchen!


bobby1933 is making a commitment to post each day.

For almost two years I have been answering six questions each night and emailing them to a friend.  What inspired me today?  When did I feel balanced?  What made me happy?   Joyous?  When was I creative?  For what, am I grateful.  It is a wonderful way to end the day.

  I was inspired by or when ...

   I am grateful for ....

The first three questions come from Spinoza via Angeles Arrien.  I added the next three.  I wanted more ways to honor  the fullness and even emptiness of my day.

This weekend I committed to a friend to sense each day, to notice, and share with her what I notice.  I notice right now my eyes.  I close them and open them, scrunch up my face, and release.  What do I see when I touch my jaw, run my tongue over my teeth, feel my feet?

I am going to try to post more often, to not censor myself, thinking I might be boring.  I'll let you decide what to read and receive.

I've been reading about giving a speech and about how giving a speech is about receiving, receiving an audience, receiving individuals.  Perhaps, here, even when there is no response, we are still opening to receive.  We beckon possibility, and wait, with openness and curiosity.  We honor that there is a world we share, and we dip in and out, like birds at a feeder, grateful it is here.