August 14th, 2013

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racism -

Probably we all know that Oprah Winfrey was informed she could not afford a $38,000 purse when she was shopping in Switzerland.  A shop like that would have security cameras everywhere, so since we haven't seen evidence to the contrary, I believe Oprah's interpretation.  Here's why.

My neighborhood book group met last night.  One woman who is Black and Beautiful, is a breast cancer surgeon.  She does research as well as surgery.  Unfortunately, I know a great many women who have benefitted from her knowledge and care.  Currently she is working on a new project.  If the surgeon works with, or maybe I should say, through, a robot who has more mobility and better eyes, he or she can perform surgery anywhere.  She is partnering with a company in Sunnyvale on this and says it's not far away.  She is excited, and always smiling, is a healthy, happy, beautifully-groomed,  joy-filled woman.  She radiates, literally radiates.  She is devoted to her work and her three German Shepherds.

This last weekend she was coming out of Pet Express which is between Whole Foods and Smash burgers, and she was pushing a cart filled with a huge bag of dog food.  A woman looked at her with pity and took a Smashburger out of her bag of just-purchased burgers, and handed it to her.  The woman then walked away, looking smug and proud of her generosity in looking out for the "poor".

My friend took the burger to her car, and split it four ways.  She got a quarter and each of the dogs did too.

Someone else said her son has a friend who lives in Tiburon, also Black.  When he goes to get his mail from his mailbox, the ever-so vigilant cops ask him for ID.  They figure it is mail-theft.

I don't know when we stop seeing Black and White, but to say it still doesn't exist, even in, or especially in, 'liberal" Marin, is naive.