October 30th, 2013


Movie Review

For me, the movie, All Is Lost, with Robert Redford is an almost perfect movie.  It's what I had hoped Gravity would be, a meditation and examination of what it is to be human, as part of nature while also dependent on technology to explore and expand. Gravity had a little more activity than I needed, a little more drama.  This movie, with the changing moods of sea and sky, suited me.

That said, the two movies have similarities, in that, as I'm sure you know, there is one character, severely tested by their place.  One is stranded in space, and the other in the ocean.  I think both actors will get an Academy Award for their performance.   The cinematography is beautiful in both films, and again, there is a mindfulness in this movie that I loved.  We know how important it is that every step, every action and movement, of "our man" count.  We are awake.

It is a meditation, and for each of us, whether or not we are aware of it, each step, action, and movement matters just as much for us as the man in the film.  I embrace a movie that honors that, that doesn't try to manipulate us. We are each in our own boat.

My father built a boat when I was young and I watched him work with fiberglass. I loved watching that here.

I believe this is a movie to be seen and assimilated.  I am still afloat.